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Buy-in & Selling Pre-Owned Cars

Since the establishment of Ulsan Motor Trend, we have countless of our customers seeking alternatives and looking into either getting pre-owned cars or wanting to trade in their cars for a New Avante. We greatly appreciate their trust and support, and this is why Ulsan is expanding its arm to cater to the Pre-Owned Cars market!

Why Choose Us?

High Trade-In Value for your Pre-Owned cars. Typically starting from $2,000 to $5,000 more than the usual market price.

In-House loans are available with the lowest rates from 2.28%. Flexible Loan tenure too!

All Pre-Owned cars are checked & maintained to provide an immaculate condition possible before handing over to the next owner. 1-year warranty & free servicing included.

We give all Pre-Owned cars a shiny outlook with Quartz-Coating that's worth $1,500 - totally at $0!

Check Us Out on SGCARMART Today!

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